In the Beginning…


Genesis 1 & 2

A newer view point

I have been researching religion most of my life. Out of fear mostly, the idea that I would burn in hell if I didn’t believe in something is quite the motivator. To the hopeful end of saving myself from such a fate, I have poured over much of the bible for answers. One of the very interesting things I found was at the very beginning, in genesis and it was a Wiccan who pointed me toward this direction. I do not remember who, but he’s a ‘famous’ Wiccan who writes a lot, so if you find him, please let me know so I can give credit. He spins a tale of what he does when bible door sale men come knocking and it’s very amusing, the gist however is that most of us do not know two translations that usually get messed up in English versions of the bible. This mess up makes a world of difference.

The Elohim

Let’s start with Genesis one where God makes the world, etc. This God is named in the original as the Elohim. Yes, I said ‘the’ Elohim, the word is plural and translated elsewhere in the bible as ‘pantheon’ or ‘pagan gods.’ The plural includes both feminine and masculine forms with the feminine first and more prominent. The female component being ‘prominent’ is my own opinion from breaking down the word my self from studying the original word forms. So, in Genesis one we have a bunch of Gods getting together and creating the universe and earth in a story that could fit most science if you were explaining it to a four year old. As for the times and ‘days,’ I’m gonna say that there are some colloquialisms there that didn’t translate forward very well. Or, just not being well versed in science, the early bible writers had no foresight to see the confusion it all would create. The important thing to take away, is this group of Gods created the earth and a bunch of humans in their own image who then began to go forth and multiply, like any good animal does. And the Gods (both females and males and possibly some variations of hermaphrodites and trans people) rest.

Next comes Genesis two where a god named Yhwh (an unspeakable word, by the way) comes along and claims the garden of eden for his own stomping grounds. Two things to note, Yhwh is the only ‘god’ who walks the earth and though claiming to create stuff ‘he’ does it quite differently from the original Elohim. Also something very important, Yhwh is a singular (one ‘person’) but has both masculine and feminine attributes. I’m not sure if this is the first two spirit, or possibly the first hermaphrodite mentioned but it is significant. Now Yhwh plays with ‘his’ creation Adam for a while getting him do name animals and stuff, but Adam gets board of all this and eventually Yhwh ‘creates’ Eve.

I’m gonna break for a moment, because I think it’s highly significant that the story suggests that a woman can come from man when, even back then it would be clear that men come from woman. Even Genesis one doesn’t mess with nature’s order in this way. It’s starting to sound like some guys fish story to me…

Sorry, let me get back to it. Let’s remember that while all this is going on everywhere else outside of the ‘garden’ humans a going forth and multiplying quite nicely, thank you very much. Also, I’d like to note that the Gods, the Elohim are ‘resting.’ What do evil people and twelve year old boys have in common? They will get up to all sorts of mischief when mom and dad are napping. In this case though it seems that Yhwh is not the only one who can get up to some mischief, Eve starts learning that Yhwh has some secrets and she isn’t content to live without some knowledge. Another point to note, outside of the garden humans are not being restricted in the same manner. But for Eve, she has to get her information somewhat clandestinely from the snake. Now you need to go get your bibles and read and tell me where in any of it does the snake lie. Yep, you were just told it lied (or told it did some other infraction, which on the rest of the earth is not an infraction at all). As we all know, eventually the jig is up for everyone, but I find it interesting that Yhwh seems to talk with someone who is not Adam or Eve and gets a reply to which his response is to have a hissy fit, smite the snake and throw Adam and Eve out of ‘his’ special garden.

Yhwh doesn’t sound like a God, he sounds like a demi god who got told off for waking up mom and dad and now his punishment (and ours it seems) is to walk the earth thrown out of ‘heaven.’

The conclusion I came up with is if you follow some fool religion you walk in hell. If you realize you are a son, daughter or twospirit made in the image of the original Gods, you walk in heaven, no religion needed because you are God ( a child of the parent grows up to be just like the parent, duh).

Some side commentary of note:

It is historically known that many evil characters are never mentioned by name or their name becomes a curse to speak. The most recent use of this is in a popular magical fantasy I’m rather fond of. Ironic that Yhwh was at one time also not a name humans were allowed speak.

There is only one god or god like creature that ‘walks’ the earth, later mentioned in the bible as Lucifer and/or Satan. Though the connection is not direct, if made, then Yhwh is the devil and all Jews, Muslims and Christians are the original Satan worshipers.

Many people get confused when the English translations are not specific about the nature of the Elohim and Yhwh. This leads to not understanding where all the other people come from in the bible. Well now that you know, it makes a little more sense. It also makes me wonder, if Yhwh’s people are the chosen ones, why does he have to kill them off and start over so often??? Who does he use to do this? More of the Elohim’s people? Hum… Makes me wanna go burn my bible and have nothing to do with religion ever again, ‘cause if Yhwh can’t get it right and the Elohim aren’t even trying who’s left?

One last thing… The garden, I think this is a parable. When we walk with a religion, in the beginning it’s wonderful, all happy thoughts and warm fuzzies. Once we get along in it it becomes confusing and hard. Then one day we realize that all religions have to, buy their nature, be confining we finally step out of our delusions and set ourselves free. We can either be stupid like Adam and Eve and continue to carry the baggage with us or we can step out of it cleanly and walk with nature (the original garden) which is every where on the planet. Not worship it, but live in it fully, then we are one with our parents, the Gods. ~ Maybe this is why so many scientists get a god complex~ giggles.

~ Blessings, An Angel


Statistical Probability

Statistical Probability of the Unquantifiable:
(Or why I’m upset at my ‘scientific’ detractors)

Ok, though I have the ability to learn all the theories about probability and relay them all here, I want to make this simple. First if we have a coin and it is not rigged or tricked the possibility that I will get either heads or tails on any throw is 50% -this does not matter how many times I throw the coin. Now lets add another level, I now have three coins and I have a base number of 100 humans.

Here is the scenario: On the first throw I have a 50% chance to have heads or tails be the outcome. There is another 50% chance the human standing before me will pick heads or tails -I do not know what the human will choose. And now, what are the odds of me picking the human’s choice, but also picking whether or not their choice will ‘win’ the toss? Now add in three coins.

You do the math.

Now lets apply simple statistics to a real life example. I will not give names, I apologize if you recognize yourself and you disapprove of my anonymous use of your example. For one of about ten humans I ‘read’ on this day, I picked out that they were focused on cleaning, house like, but not. This is my first shot at it, no other leading questions and they were a new client, no previous contact.

So, buy the rules of statistics, what is the probability that I got four ‘picks’ correct in my first statement?

In a random selection of 10 humans out of about four-thousand in the area how many of them are likely to be focused (worried and highly concerned) about cleaning? Now add in the house and the ‘but not like’ variables totaling four (one variable for the focus, because not everyone looks at cleaning the same way; one variable for cleaning it’s self; one variable for house and one variable for ‘but not like,’)

What is the likelihood that my picks were correct on all four? For those who are not quite as familiar with statistics we could do these individually.

First, what is the likelihood that one out of ten of my readings would include a reference to cleaning? What is the likelihood that one out of the approximately four-thousand people in the area would be focused on cleaning -and- come to me as a client. I think this would be at less than 30% probability, but those of you who wish can do the math and get back to me. (In reality, actual data mind you, this is the only client who has ever had a reading with me where they were so exceedingly focused on cleaning that it came up as the first issue. This breaks stereotypes because I have a high percentage of female clients. I have done up to this point approximately 1600 readings. What is the percentage of one out of sixteen-hundred?)

Ok, now on to the two variables of ‘house,’ but not. Some of you will have already figured this one out, the client was cleaning a travel trailer, one that they had strong feelings of it being a second home. How likely is it for me to pick these two pieces of information out on the first try?

Now add all these variables up. In the worst case, how likely is is for me to pick four variables out on the first ‘roll’ and have them all be accurate for one out of ten clients who is one out of four-thousand people in the local area?

Many times when I argue these points, someone will say ‘oh, but anyone could have that issue! You just guessed right.’  Well now I say back to them, Nope, that argument’s not working because this client is (hard data mind you) one out of one-thousand, six-hundred readings.

Population: 1600

Sample: 1

Percentage of this client vs how many I have had = 0.000625% or for you lottery buffs, a 1 in 1600 chance.

…and the ‘priceless moment’… All four variables were accurate for the client. They were worried (OCD levels) about cleaning their mobile house.

I will not do readings with less accuracy within three points. (Each point is where I say something and then the client confirms or denies the statement. If similar accuracy to the above isn’t shown within those three points, I stop the reading.) I gave this client their money back -not because of accuracy- because they didn’t need me to figure out the best way to clean up and no dead relatives were knocking on my doors to say ‘hi.’ If I wanted to be really mean I could say I had a feeling I was going to return this clients money before they sat down, but I won’t…   actually confirm it, that is. 😉

Not so hard data: as I remember, I have only returned a client’s money five times. If this is accurate, Population = 1600, Sample = 5 and percentage = 0.003125% (O.O wow, I didn’t think it would be that low.) Which means out of the hard data I have a 99.99% accuracy rate to this date. 😀 I’m Sterling!!!! (Sorry, my sense of humor swings that way.)

So, will this stop those who want to be quasi-scientific and browbeat me with data empty probabilities? No. Not for quite some time into our future anyway. I, however, now have some math to put behind my assertions, so I am happy :-).

Well, I could be happier if someone in the scientific field would take this seriously and do a real study (not a biased, it can’t be possible so we’ll make it way too hard type of study). I have a few ideas about how to do one -but no grant writing skill- so if you want to help, write to me!!!

Just some background: I am a solid skeptic. I grew up in a church that always questioned every belief before using it. My parents were highly educated (both have masters degrees) and both had them in rational fields, my mother is a teacher and geology major and my dad was a physical engineer. A side note, my school tests always pointed to the scientific and engineering fields.

Though scientists can delude themselves also (just look at my friends who discount what is shown to be a 0.000625% chance as ‘anyone could guess that’), my background supports my claim to do my best to be rational and logical in everything I do.

Angelically, AA

A Work in Progress

A Work in Progress

Site art for a game I play.


A little over a year ago I started doing art for one of my pet type games. As the piece above shows, I have some talent, but not enough to be ‘great’ anytime soon. The owner of the site has been very generous with praise and encouragement, so I have continued to do my little bit once a month. This has made me realize how much I really love to do art. I could be good, but in no way am I fast so there is most likely no way I could earn a living from immersing myself in what I love. So, what do I do? I’m not really looking for an answer from any of my readers, I am just using this forum to ponder my situation. What do the millions of others out there do when what they love to do is heavily populated with others who can do the same thing, faster and in a more marketable way than they themselves can? Again I do not really wish for a response? Just voicing a cosmic question out in to the void.

I have decided on one thing. All the art I do for the pet site will have it’s own blog. I’ll be creating it next and will link it eventually. The Angelishious blog will remain personal for now.

Ardent Angel